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Marital Status Discrimination

Our Portland Attorneys Fight Marital Status Discrimination and Harassment

Oregon lawyers help ensure our clients are treated equally

Workers are entitled to equal treatment in Oregon, whether their status is married or not married. That’s not an opinion, it’s the law. The The Bullman Law Firm, Attorney For Workers fights to stamp out marital status discrimination.  We handle marital status discrimination cases in employment, examples include:

  • Unfair pay
  • Unfair discipline
  • Denied promotion
  • Termination
  • Any other way you are mistreated in the terms and conditions of your employment because of your marital status.

Advocating for clients who are harassed because of marital status

Marital status harassment is unlawful under Oregon law.  Marital status harassment is when the harassment is so severe or common that it creates a hostile working environment.

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