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Legal Profession Rife with Sexual Harassment

According to a new survey, the legal profession is (still) rife with sexual harassment.

A survey of more than 8,000 job-seekers by ZipRecruiter found that while 40 percent of women respondents said they had encountered sexual harassment on the job, 59 percent of females who work for a law firm reported such behavior.

The practice of law has a long history of being a male-dominated profession, often dubbed an “old boys’ club.”

One labor economist has even opined that she wouldn’t be surprised if the next industry in the #MeToo movement was the legal field.

Other male-dominated professions such as the transportation industry, warehouse jobs, architecture and engineering are estimated to have more than half of all women working there to have experienced sexual harassment.

If you believe you have been the victim of sexual harassment or retaliation, please consider contacting the lawyers at the Bullman Law Firm.  We represent workers, not employers.  Our phone number is 503-987-0000. There is no charge for your phone call.


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