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The Early Aftermath of the #MeToo Movement

It has been about one year since the evolution of the #MeToo movement. During that time, at least 201 high-ranking male executives have been called out on allegations of sexual harassment. A look at their replacements reveals that of the 122 people who have replaced these men, 69 are male and 53 are female. The Read More

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Ernst & Young Faces Another Sexual Harassment Claim

Ernst & Young, one of the “big four” accounting firms, has been hit with another sexual harassment complaint. This newest complaint is the second in a year that alleges the firm has a culture of lewd behavior and discrimination against women. A former female partner claims that her supervisor routinely commented on her breasts, made Read More

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Transgender Discrimination Case Could Be Taken Up by United States Supreme Court

A woman who was fired after notifying her employer that she was transgender may have her case taken up by the United States Supreme Court. In 2013, Aimee Stevens filed a complaint with the EEOC against her employer, alleging she was discriminated against for being transgender and for refusing to conform to sex-based stereotypes. The Read More

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Ohio Judge to Face Discipline for Sexual Harassment

An Ohio Court of Appeals judge has been accused of sexual harassment by two women. A disciplinary hearing was held at the Ohio Supreme Court before the Disciplinary Counsel, which has recommended an indefinite suspension of his law license. One of the women accusing the judge of harassment was a former intern, whom the judge Read More

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Fair Pay Lawsuit Headed to U.S. Supreme Court

The Ninth Circuit recently held in favor of an employee in a sex pay claim against a California school district. The parties attempted to settle the case out of court following the Ninth Circuit’s ruling, but it appears that settlement negotiations have fallen apart and the case will be taken up by the Supreme Court. Read More

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